Legos!! Legos!!


Growing up, I was a Lego fanatic! Back then, the Legos “world” was very simple. They had a generic space line, a generic water line, the generic “girl” sets and the generic “boy” sets. I used to love going to the KMart and just standing and looking at the various designs. I did my best every time to convince my parents to buy me YET ANOTHER set. I tended towards the space sets. I liked the odd shapes and special parts that you couldn’t get with the cars and boats. As I got older, I started designing my own vehicles. Once I even designed Dr. Claws get-a-way car that turns into a jet. You know the one.. From Inspector Gadget. I loved that show… Once I finished the design, I actually documented it by drawing out an assembly sheet.

So when I grew up and had kids, my oldest son inherited my vast collection. Well.. Now that I pay attention, I realize that my collection was probably small compared to a lot of Lego geeks out there. Mine was two 50 gallon storage containers filled to to brim with Legos. Sadly, he didn’t ever really take to the Legos. I even bought him the Lego Mindstorms hoping that would spark something.

Eventually those Legos found new homes. But I was happy to see the Lego video games happen. And now!!

Lego Movie

I am actually excited to spend the money to go to a movie theater to see a Lego Movie!! The trailer and extras looks good. I’m bummed that no Marvel characters are in the movie, but Batman is good. I’m sure I will let ya’ll know as soon as I see it.

One last thing… The picture above.. I pulled it from this site. The gist of the article is that a local Autism support organization is taking donations of Legos. I went to the Albany Autism site and couldn’t find mention of it. So it might be over. But do please donate something if the feeling strikes. I have my own personal beliefs about the root causes of Autism, but regardless, I’ve seen the hardship and joy of raising an autistic child. Anyone who does that needs and deserves the kind of support that Albany Autism and others provide.