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…. a geek conversation….

Mr. T conversation

Mandalorian says:
Geek says: that would be kind of cool. Especially the TNG one!
Mandalorian says: yes
Mandalorian says: “Make it so”
Geek says: no no..
Geek says: The computer voice. Roddenberry’s wife (Troi’s mother) is the voice of the TNG Enterprise computer.
Mandalorian says: oh wow that would be cool
Geek says: Just before it gave a command, it could do a little TNG communicator sound.
Geek says: Not the TOS whistle, but the TNG communicator (staticcy buzz) sound.
Mandalorian says: hehehe yeah!!
Mandalorian says: hehe actually I’d like to have Nomad’s voice
Mandalorian says: so that when you missed a turn
Mandalorian says: it would say “ERR-ORRR”
Geek says: you know.. it opens up all kinds of possibilities..
Geek says: Old Lost in Space…
Mandalorian says: heck yes!
Geek says: “Danger, Danger… Left turn approaching”
Mandalorian says: heheheh!
Geek says: or… War Games…
Geek says: “Greetings Professor.. Would you like to turn left.”
Mandalorian says: hehehe!
Mandalorian says: and of course the obligatory Kitt
Geek says: or.. Knight Rider…
Mandalorian says: hgeheh yes
Geek says: “Frankly, Michael, you should turn left just ahead.”
Geek says: Flintstones, Jetsons, Scooby…
Mandalorian says: Eminem
Mandalorian says: hehe
Mandalorian says: yo b turn left
Mandalorian says: Alf
Mandalorian says: “Hey Willie! Take a right at the next galaxy”
Geek says: ET turn left.
Mandalorian says: hehehehe
Geek says: We are missing a HUGE one!!!
Geek says: “No time to discuss this in commitee. Navcomputer says turn left.”
Mandalorian says: hehehe yeah!
Mandalorian says: or all in Wookie
Mandalorian says: or R2 sounds
Geek says: or… “If you don’t turn left you’ll bounce to close to a sun or thru a supernova and that would end your trip real quick, wouldn’t it.”
Mandalorian says: lol
Geek says: The R2 would be cool, but with 3P0 translating…
Mandalorian says: ya neither the Wookie nor R2 would be all too helpful
Geek says: “buzz-tweeat.bling”… “R2 suggests turning left in 100 meters”
Mandalorian says: hehe right
Mandalorian says: sandpeople wouldn’t be too helpful either
Geek says: They could even fight sometimes…
Mandalorian says: hehehe gawd
Mandalorian says: “I told you he should have gone left you little twit”
Geek says: “buzz-tweeat”… “They don’t NEED your help, you malfunctioning tin can.”.. “buuzz-bling”… “If they wanted your input, they would have asked.”.. “tweat-bling-bling”… “Secret mission? What secret mission… Sir, he appears to have picked up a slight flutter. He suggests that if you turn right at the next intersection, he could be of more assistance.”
Mandalorian says: hehehhe that’s great
Mandalorian says: and you could have Obi doing the travel-guide functions, like
Mandalorian says: “You’re entering Vidor… You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villany!”
Geek says: “buuz-tweet”… “What makes you think there are settlements over there.” “buzz.bling”… “Don’t get technical with me.”… “bling-buzz”… “He did this on purpose. Sir, turn left in 100 meters.”
Mandalorian says: hehehh
Geek says: “You’re arriving at your destination in 100 meters. Sir, if you won’t be needing me anymore, I’ll shut down.”
Mandalorian says: hehe
Geek says: Unfortunately.. Any line from Sir Alec would have to be culled from his movies.
Mandalorian says: :(
Geek says: Which limits things a little.
Mandalorian says: well…
Mandalorian says: Vidor does sound a little like Vader
Mandalorian says: they could probably Sound Forge that together
Geek says: Although… 3PO: “You are arriving at your destination in 100 meters..” OB1: “You will never find a more wreched..”
Mandalorian says: hhehe
Geek says: or…
Geek says: just after you enter the address…
Geek says: “Hurry.. The Jundland Wastes are not to be traveled lightly… We must be cautious.”
Mandalorian says: hehehe
Geek says: While looking for that quote, I ran across this…
Geek says:
Geek says: It’s really funny reading everyones comments..
Geek says: Especially since I suffered from almost the exact disillusions as many of them.
Geek says: Especially the hand one… It took me a long time to get the symbolism of Luke looking at his hand after he cut off Vaders hand. As a kid, I saw the importance of the action, but I framed it in a concrete way. I saw it as Lukes hand BECAME Vaders hand. or vice versa..
Mandalorian says: hehehe yeah
Mandalorian says: “A gentleman’s waste is not to be traveled lightly.”