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I got this as a Christmas present from my dad. He manages to come up with some interesting gifts. In particular, he seems obsessed with time. In the past, he has given me a very nice pocket watch, a cool Popeye pocket watch, a working clock jigsaw puzzle, a mantle piece “grandson” clock, a projecting “shadow” clock, an automatically self-setting clock with built in ceiling projection of the time and temperature and this…

Binary Time

The cool thing about the clock theme is that I dig it too. It’s not like it’s just his obsession. I am too. I love clocks. I get obsessive, if I let myself, about keeping them on time. And all on the same time. Since I got the atomic projection clock, I tend to lay in bed when I can’t sleep and stare at the projection on the ceiling, comfortable in the knowledge that it is accurate to the second (or more specifically, if it doesn’t stay accurate, it will resync twice a day).

The other cool thing about the clock theme and this specific clock is that Dad knows me. He might not know HOW much of a geek I am (until he starts reading this everyday), but his words were something close to… “I knew that if anyone would be able to appreciate that, it would be you.”