About Jason

Jason was born a geek.   From the time he can remember, he was attracted to technology.  By the age of 8, he had disassembled and rebuilt every toy that took batteries.  Around 10, he got access to his first computer.  Within 6 months he was programming.  Within 9 months, he had disassembled it.  By 15, he was tinkering in circuit design and had taught himself to program in C.  The day after high school graduation, he was hired full time as a network technician.  His first semester of college, he requested email and FTP access thru the University.  All this would be the bio of a nerd, if he wasn’t socially skilled.   During this time, Jason was active in the theater, honed his writing skills, learned horse-back riding, and studied photography.  He even found time to join his friends for social time and had a few girlfriends, too.