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ok.. Going into movie geek mode…

Twin Peaks movieI love Twin Peaks! When it first came out I started watching it, somewhat randomly. But I immediately liked it. It was weird as hell and that was part of the draw. It was on Thursdays, I think. Then they made the mistake of moving it to Saturday. Viewership went into the toilet. So they ended it prematurely, in my opinion and not in a very satisfying way. But I still liked it. At one point, I had the box set on VHS. 25 hours of Twin Peaks. I lost that in the divorce. Attempted to get copies later, but they were out of print. Then they released season 1 on DVD. That was cool!! I got it and was all ready for season 2.

Why do you care and what does that have to do with a movie sucking?

Because I liked Twin Peaks, I’m always interested in stuff that those people do. Today, while flipping channels, I found a movie starring Chris Mulkey. The movie is called K-9000 and came out in ’91 apparently. And I gotta tell you… It sucks!!

It’s very disappointing, too. Not just from the standpoint of a Twin Peaks alum having a crappy movie, but because the idea didn’t suck. The idea is that a research lab is working on a top secret project to engineer a cybernetic dog. The dog can then be linked to a human to create a symbiotic relationship for managing national parks, wildlife preserves, etc. Of course, the bad guys step in and steal the data and prototype. In all this, a cop gets involved (Chris Mulkey). “Machines don’t like” this cop. The cop saves the prototype dog from the baddies, but not the data. The next logical step is to give the cop the implant to link him to the dog and they both go looking for the baddies.

See.. That story has potential. But it was a low budget movie. And that, unfortunately means cheap actors which translates to bad acting.

Bottom line, unless you want to suffer thru an interesting story with bad acting, avoid it.

As I finish it up and flip to another station, I pick up Major League. This movie doesn’t suck! I could watch it a billion times and it’s still funny as hell. Unfortunately, it’s on TBS. Which means the thing I hate almost MORE than anything. Really, Really, REALLY shitty audio editing!! I think I’d prefer that they just bleep. Instead they try to dub in and I’ve never seen them do it right.